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MARVEL GIFT BOX + AOVE Exttra Picual 500ml bottle


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Gift box with a 500ml glass bottle

Like an imaginary cocktail of ambrosia and aurora borealis, this gift combines the maximum expression of two worlds: fantasy and haute cuisine. It is one of the best oils in the world with a box illustrated by Adam Pollina, a Marvel cartoonist.

EXTTRA PICUAL and ADAM POLLINA join forces to conquer the world for the pleasure of taste and art. Delightful!

Limited edition 1,000 pcs

1 case€25.00 / Unit
6 cases€23.00€ / Unit
12 cases€21.00€ / Unit

Free shipping to the peninsula with orders over €50


The Marvel box is the latest work of the artist, Adam Pollina, in his passion for conquering new worlds. It is a limited edition of 1,000 units made in a box lined with rigid and durable materials.

Adam’s intention is that his fantasy world can be lived and felt not only in comics or superhero movies, but also in everyday objects.

For Exttra, it is an honour that Adam wanted to use the Exttra Picual 500 to create a gift box that goes beyond a simple gift box.

Only 1,000 units have been made to highlight the unique and unrepeatable value of this work of art.


Class:Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Variety:100% Picual
Cultivation:Integrated Production Agriculture
Harvest:2020 – 2021
Type:Early Harvest (NOVEMBER 2020)
Process:Cold extraction (< 21º)
Zone:Sierra Morena, Jaén (Spain)
Format:500ml Bottle
Boxes:6 units




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