Adam Pollina


When imagination and creativity have no limits, the world has no limits.
Adam creates universes full of beauty in which everything is possible, and he can do it because he lives as he dreams.

Adam Pollina. Superman. DC Cómics.

Adam Pollina. Superman. DC Cómics.

He is a New Yorker trapped in Seville for love and pleasure. His works for Marvel and DC Comics have travelled the world in the form of Superman, Spiderman, X-Men, Hellboy, and Angel.

Adam Pollina. Ángel. Marvel Cómics.

Adam Pollina. Packaging Exttra.

In addition to his amazing comic and video game works, his creations for Walt Disney, Warner Bros, and MTV and his designs for Microsoft, Prada, and Exttra, Adam recreates his beautiful universe in festival grounds, hotels, and fashion collections.

Adam Pollina. Eternity. Valiant Cómics.

An extraordinary world.

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