Exttra Picual has been awared the Silver Medal in the prestigious OLIVE JAPAN 2019 international competition in the category of delicate oils.
This award recognizes the effort for careful preparation to the last detail and corroborates Exttra Picual’s quality and flavour characteristics:

Picual variety extra virgin olive oil is early harvest, with fresh and intense aromatic notes of grass and tomato. It has a delicate profile, as it is lightly bitter and spicy, resulting in an exceptional garnish, which pleases both knowledgeable and demanding tasters, such as consumers looking for pleasant flavours for any occasion.

Exttra Picual’s characteristics make it ideal for any time of day, always fresh, on a toasted slice of bread in the morning, as a snack at noon, by itself, or drizzled over slices of cured or fresh cheese. It can be used, of course, to season any dish, such as pasta, steamed vegetables, grilled fish, vegetable purées, gazpachos and salmorejos, and even in desserts, both as an ingredient for the dough or in a glass of chocolate, vanilla, or pistachio ice cream.

The Picual variety is treated with great care, completely cold-milled, harvested at the end of November, when the leaves turn colours. It has very fresh, aromatic notes of fruit, grass, and fields and holds a light profile of its bitter and spicy attributes. It is a delight for all palates.

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